Teleiman for Maximum ROI

We increase your telemarketing ROI, letting you focus more time and money on your core business.


Who We Are … What We Do

At Teleiman, we deliver maximum telemarketing ROI through strategic leadership; continuous quality and process control; reliable, world-class technology; and elite contact center staff.

Our leadership team has more than 60 years of combined, global contact center industry experience. Over the last four years, we have leveraged that know-how to establish ourselves as a top-performing contact center company. In fact, our trainers and leaders are sought out by other call center companies for consulting and training at all levels.

Atlantic Coast Media Group, our largest DR client

“We’ve been working with Teleiman for several years now. They are simply the best call center organization we’ve ever worked with. They know how to find, train, align, motivate, and inspire a team. A results-oriented company, they believe in walking the talk and delivering on what they say.”

-Andrew Surwillo, Managing Member, Atlantic Coast Media Group

“Teleiman made our web/ IVR partials campaign a success! Their performance is true to their word and consistent, and their strategies are forward-looking. Teleiman is a rare jewel in the industry.”

-Thomas Shipley, CEO, Atlantic Coast Media Group



Immediate Outsourcing Benefits


Increase Efficiency – Investing in in-house staff and equipment can be inefficient. We provide economy of scale for increased profits, as well as new, best-in-breed practices to increase results.

  • Reduce Labor Cost – Hiring, training, and supporting staff takes precious money and time – non-billable time. Outsourcing lets you refocus your resources for maximum ROI.
  • Focus on Your Core Business – Every business has limited resources. Outsourcing gives you more time to focus on serving your customers, generating income, and growing your business.
  • Control Capital Cost – Outsourcing with Teleiman converts fixed costs into variable costs, releasing capital for investment into revenue-producing activities.

Teleiman for an Elite Team