Offering Only the Most Professional Agents

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Jerry Bruckner
At our Manila call center, American managers hire only the top 8% of candidates. And new agents receive about a month of training before speaking to customers.
In addition, all agents are trained specifically for the client accounts they serve and receive ongoing training, quality feedback, and mentoring.
Our clients also can personally screen all agents we recommend to serve their accounts, assuring our clients that the agents have the language, interpersonal, and other skills they want in a company representative.

Atlantic Coast Media Group, our largest DR client

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Document Review
0 %
Phone/In-Person Interview
0 %
Account-specific Examinations & Testing
0 %
Check Typing Speed Test (Alpha & Numeric) Active Listening Test. Phone Role-Play (Customized) Language Proficiency Test
0 %
Final/Panel Interview
0 %
Physical Examination Background Check Hiring Rate

Training Our Agents To Excel


  • Teleiman Overview
  • Call Center Industry Overview
  • Client Profile
  • Quality Norms
  • Business Communication
  • Skill Enhancement Exercises
  • Typing
  • Situation Reaction Tests
  • 2 Days

    Soft Skills & Preprocess

  • Work Place Ethics
  • Organizational Philosophy
  • Insight – Client Country Culture
  • 4C’s
  • Cultural Differences
  • Customer Service Basics
  • Web Navigation
  • TCPA
  • KPI orientation
  • 2 Weeks

    Process Training

  • Client Orientation
  • Product Services
  • Systems Training
  • Applications Training
  • Knowledge Tools Training
  • Country & State Mandates
  • 1-3 Weeks


  • 100% Quality Monitoring
  • Floor Support
  • Mentoring
  • 1-4 Weeks


  • Analysis & Feedback
  • Ongoing

    Performing Continuous Quality Assurance (QA)

    Teleiman is committed to ensuring that each of your customers has a first-class interaction with your company’s face – our agents. Our integrated quality assurance process makes this happen.We use tried-and-true internal evaluation, instruction, and coaching methods, integrating them with metrics analysis to objectively measure agent performance and improve future performance.
    Quality assessments focus on at least four key areas:
    Depending on your needs, we can also evaluate other areas, such as script adherence and product knowledge.
    Our managers, QA team and agents work closely with your company’s team in an ongoing feedback loop, continuously raising the quality of your customer’s interactions.

    Integrating QA Tools And Processes

    Calibrating Our agents For Reliable Quality

    Contracting Top Compliance Auditing/Assessment

    Teleiman contracts with CompliancePoint, an industry leader in compliance assessment, ensuring that our compliance program follows best practices and is operating effectively, reducing your company’s liability risk.
    CompliancePoint’s Four-Step Auditing Process:

    1. Define the audit objectives and deliverables.

    2. Evaluate all aspects of your outbound consumer marketing campaigns as they relate to relevant regulatory compliance legislation.
    -Review your current compliance documentation and audit trails.
    -Examine your procedures and policies.
    -Study your data collection, data distribution and data archiving methods.
    -Determine if exemptions are properly applied.

    3. Deliver a detailed report along with recommendations for any corrective actions.

    4. Provide operational guidelines for ongoing regulatory compliance.

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