Teleiman for World-Class Technology and Facilities

Our U.S. and Manila facilities and systems are integrated with the finest networking, data, and call center technology for superior performance, security, and reliability.

Premium Domestic and Philippine Contact Centers

-1500 enabled workstations
-Full predictive, manual, and call-management capability
-Cutting-edge technology
-Continuous R&D

-PCI compliant
-Comprehensive disaster recovery systems
-100% power backup

-Close to amenities and transportation
-PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority)
-HR support


Robust Georedundant Network Architecture

-Scalable, reliable architecture

-Made from world-class technology

-Geo redundants in Los Angeles and U.S. East Coast

-All connectivity requirements supported, from ISDN PRI to SIP trunks



Best-In-class Communications Infrastructure


– Interoperability standards: SIP H.323, H.248, QoS, DiffServ, via controlling server and gateway: H.323, H.320 MMCH
– Fully redundant S8800 servers in duplex configuration
– Supports all trunk configurations (analog, ISDN BRI/PRI, T1/E1, ATM, H.323 or SIP over IP)

contact center

IntelliScrub (Intelligent list scrubbing engine created for DNCScrub)
– Engine utilizes Smart Sniffer technology to automatically process files.
– Users upload files via web interface or FTP, or integrate using web service API in any common data format.
– System automatically finds telephone numbers within a file and scrubs them based on the parameters set for that campaign.
– IntelliScrub maximizes the number of telephone numbers retained in the calling list, applying exemptions, such as existing business relationship rules and any state-specific rules that may be advantageous.


– Manual, preview, progressive or power, and predictive dialling
– Optional message playback for answering machines
– Nuisances percentages observed and logged for compliance
– UK: Ofcom / TPS compliance
– US: FCC / DNC playback compliance

Intelligent Systems Integration


Comprehensive Data Security


– Confidential data is only handled by employees designated with approved access, having undergone background checks and signed non-disclosure agreements.

– Servers are segregated based on roles, unnecessary services are disabled, and AV definitions are pushed automatically each day.

– PC workstations are updated with latest OS patches, unnecessary services are disabled and
locked down by policy at the domain level, and AV definitions are pushed automatically daily.

– Comprehensive password content/change procedures are in place and enforced.

– All procedures and policies have PCI Level Certification.

– All file transfers use SFTP (secure FTP) protocols.

– Clean Desk and Clear Screen Policies are maintained and enforced.

Robust Site Security

– Guards posted at critical access areas.

– Centralized access control using biometrics and/or keycard.

– CCTV in place and monitored.

– All visitors are checked, verified, justified, and escorted.

– Company issued picture ID badges must be worn at all times.

– Extensive employee background checks performed.